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There is a saying that fast food becomes easier and healthy foods that help you lose weight. I’ll give you that. Wait, what will happen to this issue. When is it ready? It’s really ready now. What about later, when you don’t have enough energy to do anything but sleep? Or when you can’t concentrate because you feel like you just want to sleep. Or is it easier when you have a problem with isolation and your heart is pounding and you don’t feel like doing anything?

We live in a modern world. The world of cause and effect. But the problem is that most people only look at the cause and the immediate effect. Complete physical inactivity does not take immediate action. If you put something in your mouth, it can take hours to process food, even days if your system is not working properly. So when people burn, or get tired, or have a headache they often miss the fact that it could have been something other than what happened immediately.

About Pure Natural Manifestation

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You can’t “save time”. You can only use it wisely. And no matter how easy it may seem at the moment, “fast” food doesn’t save you time at the end. This is also a small trick that is interesting and applies throughout your life. The solution to why it seems there is not “enough time.” It is because we falsely believe that we are doing things that save time. Almost everything you do to “save time” ends up consuming you a lot of time. If you eat fast because you are fast, you will lose at least twice as much time as you thought you had.

How much time do you spend because you do not have the energy to do what you want at the end of the day? How much time do you waste because you don’t want to do anything? How much time do you spend without feeling ready to go? How long do you stay fruitless due to brain fog? These are the kind of things your body does when you eat fast food to “save time”. And these are only temporary effects. Later in life your body begins to do all sorts of things that slow you down and not allow you to do everything you want. This is in large part because of what you put into your body. Because as you can remember, if you try to build a brick house with stones and stones, it will always be ruined.

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What you will learn from Pure Natural Manifestation?

Facial acne is a sign of toxins in the body that are not released through normal elimination channels, and thus come out of the skin. Since emotions and thoughts cannot be separated from the body, thoughts and feelings are also expressed as pimples.

Negative thoughts and feelings produce toxic chemicals. Like the toxic acids produced in the colony, the toxic thoughts need to be eliminated by 5 mechanisms of elimination

Facial acne can be a statement that emphasizes past traumatic experiences. When you were a child, when you were exposed to traumatic experiences – mental, physical or sexual abuse, you suppressed them. Then, as an adult, when your immune system is weakened, you may not be able to fully comprehend this information, so it is presented as pimples or other skin problems. Of course, these stressful experiences can be presented as other illnesses.

Acne can also be related to feelings of fear or anxiety. It could be a sign of old-fashioned junkie or unpleasant thoughts. It’s a way to catch and hide a junkie or a poisonous memory in your face. It is these reminders that are trying to emerge and, naturally, ask you to deal with them. Most of the time, you and other people may not want to remember them or deal with them.


Dealing with them requires a lot of energy and help from a psychologist.

Intestinal acid

Your stomach uses Hydrochloric acid (HCl) to break down proteins. It has many other functions,

  • It kills germs and germs and prevents them from getting into the colon and the blood
  • Regulates B12 adsorption
  • Regulates adsorption of iron calcium zinc, copper, magnesium and many B complex vitamins
  • Regulates the use of vitamin C
  • Made for indigestion
  • Prevents burial

When you have low HCl levels you are more likely to be affected by acne. HCl can be increased by using a digestive enzyme containing HCl.

Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes

As the food you eat passes through the stomach and into the small intestine, the pancreas produces digestive enzymes and bicarbonate to help complete the digestive process.

Bicarbonate helps to reduce the acidity of food in the stomach. Digestive enzymes break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

When the pancreas loses its function and begins to secrete fewer digestive enzymes, less food is properly digested. This results in unlimited food reaching the colony. When this happens, uneaten food, if it stays in the colony for a long time, becomes a source of decay and toxins. This toxic substance can get into your bloodstream and cause skin irritation such as acne.

Benefits we get

Healthy pancakes, which provide the necessary digestive juices to digest the food you eat, are essential for healthy skin and to eliminate pimples and other skin lesions and rashes.

When you have acne or other skin diseases, they occur when there is an imbalance in your body and include many different organs and systems and systems – your thoughts, digestion , liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and pancreas.

Use at least the 9 herbs listed here.

Artichoke leaves – You can use dried artichoke leaves whole or cut and peeled. Artichoke leaves have been used for decontamination and gastrointestinal disease. They help to increase the bile and help the liver to regenerate. The liver needs to be in good condition to help with eczema conditions as the toxicity contributes to eczema. The liver helps release toxins and other toxins that can reach eczema areas and cause inflammation.

All I do is buy artichokes and cut them into pieces – which can make a small hand – boil water and soak them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Then I remove the boiling water from the stove and place my herbs.

Elecampane Leaves – This herb is used to repel intestinal infections, helps detoxify the body, stimulates digestion and the immune system. The tea of ​​the leaves and roots helps to cleanse the skin by removing toxins and allowing your immune system to heal the skin.

Cabbage leaves – these leaves are known to reduce your risk of cancer. Cabbage leaves are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. Cabbage has an open wound healing process. You can use fresh cabbage cut into pieces and dip them in boiling water at the same time adding artichokes.

Characteristics – Nettle tea is suitable for wounds, bites and burns. It is also used to get rid of worms and colon problems. Often skin problems can be the cause of colon poisoning. That is why cleansing and removing the body from the colon will help with any skin problem.

Sage – a powerful astringent, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. It increases blood circulation and helps with digestive problems.

Lavender – Used for inflammation from insect bites. Lavender helps calm nerves. Many skin problems are caused by anxiety and neurological conditions that weaken the immune system. This allows toxins or genetic conditions to develop and present themselves as skin diseases.

Marigold – used for pain and inflammation of the skin. Good for wounds, cracks, and swollen and sore eyes.

Arnica – stimulates blood circulation and increases blood pressure. It is used for eczema and acne. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce inflammation and pain and help heal wounds.

Burdock Root – Has an excellent history of helping with bruises, inflammation and joint pain. It can help eliminate worms on the skin.

Black and blue skin is used to remove various types of worms throughout the body. It is useful for infections, fungus and fungal infections. It also helps with eczema, acne, herpes, skin infections and psoriasis.

Yarrow flowers – help to improve liver function. It contains antibiotics and viruses. It strengthens and nourishes the cells outside and inside the body. It helps to strengthen your immune system and kills many types of germs. Its oils absorb toxins and help the body get rid of them without causing any side effects.


That’s where you have it. Don’t be afraid to buy herbal extracts and make a herbal remedy that you can use on foot for eczema, acne and other skin conditions. Lastly, if you use a foot bath, it will trigger toxins that can increase the risk of skin rashes but this will only go away if the foot baths help cleanse your body.

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